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Message to customers about pricing and availability

                     Price Increases and Product Availability

Over the past two years, the country has seen steadily rising prices and disruptions in the supply chain, which have directly affected the materials that we use to make our baits. For instance:

  • Lead-Free Pewter is up over 100%
  • Blades, Swivels, Wire and Hooks are all up 10-30%
  • Silicone Skirt material is up 20-50%.

Unfortunately, at this time, being a small American Manufacturer, we cannot absorb these costs and we find it necessary to increase our prices across the board.

Supply chain disruptions have also made it a challenge to find Silicone Skirt material and other  necessary materials. Because of this, some colors and styles may change or be unavailable at certain times. Please know that we are doing all we can to limit these disruptions and changes. 

Thank you for your understanding and continued business.

Rocky Ledge Tackle